I love how it took my PS4 literally maybe 5 minutes to download everything for destiny. And it took my PS3 about 5 hours.

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there’s always that one character you like so much its almost embarrassing

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GTKM ★ 1/7 Current Dodgers -  Zack Greinke

"Well, I’m pretty easy. You go over there behind the plate and squat down. I’ll throw you the ball."

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"Tim keeps having me kill his wife in his movies… I don’t know what that means," -Johnny Depp

I love this post

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-Smoke Power.

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"You smoke?"

"Only recreationally"


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Muses I want to pick up (1/?):
Delsin Rowe — InFamous: Second Son

"After being confronted by his brother, Reggie, over vandalizing the latter’s ‘Congrats, New Sheriff!’ billboard, the brothers witness the crash of a military truck transporting a trio of Conduits - Hank Daughtry, Abigail Walker, and Eugene Sims. While Abigail and Eugene quickly get away, Delsin attempts to help Hank out of some rubble and, for his troubles, becomes a hostage in the resulting standoff with Reggie.

During the struggle, Delsin accidentally absorbs Hank’s powers and falls unconscious. After coming to, he finds the area around him in shambles. Discovering his newfound power, a frightened Delsin manages to reach and save his brother. Although Reggie tells him not to use his new “tricks”, Delsin uses them anyway to chase Hank into the nearby burning fish cannery, attempting to save Betty who is trapped in the building.

Armed with nothing but a chain and his underdeveloped smoke powers, Delsin chases Hank into the D.U.P.’s custody. Unfortunately, the D.U.P.’s leader Brooke Augustine uses her cement powers to brutally interrogate Delsin. Delsin confesses to being a conduit. Augustine doesn’t believe Delsin’s story about him being a Conduit and instead knocks him out for two weeks and turns her attention to the rest of the Akomish.”

{ x }

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